Common Webinar Mistakes & How to Avoid Them for a Successful Virtual Event

Posted by Kim on Apr 7, 2020 3:27:05 PM

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In a recent blog post, we published,"Don't Experience FOMO By Skipping Events All Together” we discussed how the COVID-19 virus has disrupted in-person events and how to adapt.

Some organizers have had to postpone or cancel their events and others have decided to take their events online with a virtual solution. A great virtual solution is a Webinar, which can keep your company on track for generating leads, accelerating the pipeline, and educating the customers and prospects. 

We have certainly been on our fair share of virtual meetings and webinars these past few weeks and we’ve discovered some common mistakes. Here they are and our suggestions for ways to avoid them. We hope it will help you be successful when planning and hosting your next webinar.

Below are some key mistakes:

1. Limiting Promotion Time

According to data from ON24, 42% of the people who register for webinars sign up more than eight days in advance. Our advice, don’t limit your webinar promotions to only the week before. The sooner you can get it out there, the better!

2. Not Muting Your Attendees When They Arrive

This goes for webinars and large virtual meetings. Remember attendees are at home and/or a remote location so you don’t know what background noises they may be dealing with when they join your virtual meeting or webinar. Think dogs, kids, maybe even a loud bird if they are sitting outside. In most meeting and webinar technologies there is a setting for muting participants/attendees when they join the meeting. And if needed, this can be done with video, too. Check your technology settings and specs for these options.

3. If Content is King, Delivery is Currency

It is just as easy for an attendee to check out and not pay attention to your amazing and useful content if you have a boring speaker and death by Power Point® or Google Slides®. You may have the world’s most important information but if your speaker isn’t use to presenting virtually, only uses slides for participants to stare at a static screen and isn’t using interactivity to engage attendees, they will close their camera and work on email, do some laundry, throw a ball for the dog, and even worse… leave. Have a few run through’s with your speaker to make sure they are comfortable online, consider someone who does Podcasts or does virtual events regularly. Use early pooling to set the stage and throw in a funny one along the way to see if people are paying attention. Stop to answer questions in the Chat during instead of waiting until the end. Find audience participation tools such as IdeaFlip, AhaSlides for a fun quiz or VoxVote to add some gamification to your delivery.

4. My Internet is Slow Today

We get it, everyone is online now and not just us working people, but if your kids are home and participating in virtual home-learning, they are killing your bandwidth at the same time you are trying to give a webinar. You can’t help control your internet speeds, but check with your internet provider to make sure you’re on the best that you can be. Webinar technology providers such as ON24, recommend being hard-wired into your internet vs. wireless. They also recommend not using a cell phone due to poor audio quality. If you use your computer audio, use a headset. Lastly, bribery also works with kids to lay off the internet for 60 minutes and get outside!

5. Not Having an On-Demand Strategy

ON24’s benchmark report revealed that nearly one in three webinar registrants are missing the live event entirely and attending on-demand, when it’s a more convenient time for them. Keep in mind, you’re competing with a zillion other webinars out there, so making yours available on-demand and following up with the recording if they didn’t show, is the best way to ensure you increase the value of that lead.


After reading through the common mistakes we bet you can pick at least one that could benefit you and your company and help you implement some of the strategies to boost your webinar.

Now, if this all sounds great but if planning a virtual event seems overwhelming, if you should considering moving your current in-person events to a virtual platform, or need to create a virtual event, please contact us.

*10 Common Webinar Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them, ON24

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