Avoiding The Blank Stare Abyss…

What is going on behind the blank stare at events? We’ve all seen them at weekly office meetings or at conferences. As event planners we know how to keep any type of meeting on schedule and running efficiently.

Meetings have gotten a bad reputation over the years. However, by employing a few key strategies, your meetings can be both powerful and productive:

  1. Communication
    It’s a good practice to send out the meeting agenda one to five business days in advance. All speaking points are then organized prior to the meeting and attendees can be prepared for who they will see at the meeting.
  1. Time Doesn’t Always Fly…
    Have a time frame, make everyone aware of it, and abide by it. Ending the meeting a couple of minutes early doesn’t hurt either.
  1. Personal Technology Use
    Consider either a ban or etiquette reminder on using smart phones, tablets and laptops. To make this easier for attendees, share the notes being taken on a big screen, in addition to the agenda, so they know what they'll get afterwards.
  1. Schedule Breaks & Bring Food
    Having a variety of food options on hand, as well as a scheduled lunch hour are great ways to keep people's grumbling tummies from distracting them.
  1. End with a Bang
    Give attendees an incentive to stay engaged by scheduling a big announcement or energetic speaker or something lighthearted after a long meeting day.

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