Don’t Experience FOMO By Skipping Events All Together

It’s hard to deny the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on those organizations who have meetings or conferences planned in the next few months. While none of us can be certain of the impact of the outbreak, we know how deeply this type of challenge can alter lives and economies of the regions directly involved, as well as those that feel its ripple effect. So, as business events stakeholders it’s their job to keep their participants and their host destinations safe from the spread of COVID-19 during this outbreak for your industry to do its part to aid the global recovery.

So, your event is cancelled now what? Restricted travel doesn’t mean that you still can’t engage with your teams or customers. As event planners, we are always preparing for the unknown and trying to mitigate risk. The unfortunate outbreak of the Coronavirus is no exception. In the last couple of years, thanks to advances in technology, equipment, and the expansion of service providers, online meetings have become easy, low-risk, and inexpensive.

Spin Event Management can still work through the same logistics for your event but this time it’ll be online. The same elements will still apply for your meeting:

  • Identify audience and timeline.
  • Identify event platform or virtual event service provider.
  • Determine who will create and deliver content
  • Establish a marketing plan.
  • Promote your virtual event to attendees and potential sponsors.
  • Produce the event
  • Develop a follow-up plan with attendees and sponsors to ensure satisfaction and ROI

Find out more about Spin Event Management at https://www.spineventmanagement.com/index.php/digital-events/

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