Don’t Experience FOMO By Skipping Events All Together

It’s hard to deny the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on those organizations who have meetings or conferences planned in the next few months. While none of us can be certain of the... Continue Reading

What Are Marketing Events And Why Do Them?

“The power of the face to face connection is where businesses need to be focusing their time and marketing efforts. Events can create killer partnerships. At an event you have an opportunity to... Continue Reading

The Role Of Meetings In Organizational Change

n Monday, August 19, the Business Roundtable—an association of chief executive officers from more than 200 of America’s largest companies—published a “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation”... Continue Reading

Measuring Event Marketing Success

As a professional event planning and marketing company, we have a good feel when an event is successful or not. However, the ability to measure metrics and pinpoint specific results is essential... Continue Reading

2019 ILEA Awards


Tight Budgets and Tech- Top Challenges for Planners

Despite a healthy economy, meeting planners and hotel managers are struggling with their budgets. Costs continue to rise, while budgets remain the same—or, in some cases, even decrease. Continue Reading

What Do Event Planners Do Anyway?

There are plenty of reasons to hire an event planner for your next event. But, most boil down to saving you stress or saving your event budget—without sacrificing the WOW-factor you’re hoping to... Continue Reading

Avoiding The Blank Stare Abyss…

What is going on behind the blank stare at events? We’ve all seen them at weekly office meetings or at conferences. As event planners we know how to keep any type of meeting on schedule and... Continue Reading

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing a destination is the first important step in creating a unique experience for your event and for your attendees. Location is one of the top three reasons people attend events so if you... Continue Reading

Keeping the Post Event Motivation

Utilizing in-person events for teams and employees is a great way to build morale, direction, and trust within your company but what happens when everyone heads home? Your team leaves motivated... Continue Reading

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