Don’t Experience FOMO By Skipping Events All Together

It’s hard to deny the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on those organizations who have meetings or conferences planned in the next few months. While none of us can be certain of the... Continue Reading

Measuring Event Marketing Success

As a professional event planning and marketing company, we have a good feel when an event is successful or not. However, the ability to measure metrics and pinpoint specific results is essential... Continue Reading

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing a destination is the first important step in creating a unique experience for your event and for your attendees. Location is one of the top three reasons people attend events so if you... Continue Reading

Keeping the Post Event Motivation

Utilizing in-person events for teams and employees is a great way to build morale, direction, and trust within your company but what happens when everyone heads home? Your team leaves motivated... Continue Reading

Denver Start Up week

Spin Event Management’s, CEO and Founder, Kimberly Schmitz, is co-presenting “Where to Start With Events When You’re Starting Up” at the upcoming Denver Start Up Week on Monday, September 24, 2018... Continue Reading

Taking the Leap

When I was in college (a really long time ago), my plan was to work for a ski resort and sky-rocket to the top of their marketing department. I had spent a ski season in Vail and was the Ski Club... Continue Reading

Five Steps to Planning a Small Event with a Big Personality

In the event management industry, we like to show off pictures of our BIG events and the mass of people who attend them. But in my years of experience, I’ve facilitated many small, lower cost, but... Continue Reading

A Venue Says What?

A Venue Says What? The other day while visiting a venue to consider for a client’s event, not only was I considering the space, layout, parking, flow, etc., but I was listening for the venue to... Continue Reading

Four Reasons To Go Small - Size Does Matter

All around us things are Super-Sized. Portion sizes at restaurants are out of control, stadiums just get bigger and bigger, and buildings are taller and taller. But bigger isn’t always better.... Continue Reading

Five Reasons Why Using an Outside Event Management Agency is a Good Move

Within many business organizations there may or may not be a person responsible for managing and marketing the events. Depending on the size of the organization, there could be a dedicated team or... Continue Reading

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