Kim & Spin In The News!

The following is an interview by Voyage Group of Magazines to highlight small businesses in the Denver Metro Area.  Continue Reading

Drawing Attention To Your Next Event

Promoting a conference or event can at times feel like you’re juggling knives while walking on a tightrope. Basically, it’s a daunting task but with the right tools and strategy, success will be... Continue Reading


Women-owned agency is honored to be selected for its hard work and unique capabilities when it comes to event experiences and marketing. Continue Reading

What Are Marketing Events And Why Do Them?

“The power of the face to face connection is where businesses need to be focusing their time and marketing efforts. Events can create killer partnerships. At an event you have an opportunity to... Continue Reading

Measuring Event Marketing Success

As a professional event planning and marketing company, we have a good feel when an event is successful or not. However, the ability to measure metrics and pinpoint specific results is essential... Continue Reading

A Venue Says What?

A Venue Says What? The other day while visiting a venue to consider for a client’s event, not only was I considering the space, layout, parking, flow, etc., but I was listening for the venue to... Continue Reading

Four Reasons To Go Small - Size Does Matter

All around us things are Super-Sized. Portion sizes at restaurants are out of control, stadiums just get bigger and bigger, and buildings are taller and taller. But bigger isn’t always better.... Continue Reading

Press Release Sept 2017

Press Release, September 26, 2017 - Spin Event Management Launches Corporate Meeting/Event Packages Helping Sales Professionals Close Business Faster. Continue Reading

Parker Chronicle

Parker Chronicle Spin’s founder and “boss lady” featured in local publication. Continue Reading

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