What Are Marketing Events And Why Do Them?

“The power of the face to face connection is where businesses need to be focusing their time and marketing efforts. Events can create killer partnerships. At an event you have an opportunity to... Continue Reading

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing a destination is the first important step in creating a unique experience for your event and for your attendees. Location is one of the top three reasons people attend events so if you... Continue Reading

Finally, Find the Support You’ve Been Looking for!

Listen Up Leadership  Getting your leadership on board is up to you! Most disconnects with leadership and various internal teams can be credited to the lack of understanding what is important. For... Continue Reading

It's a Wrap. Now What? How to make sure the post event follow up is part of your pre-event plan.

Spending all my career in marketing and planning events, I’m the first to admit that us planners tend to spend most of our time and energy leading up to the day of the event. So much work goes... Continue Reading

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